«During the early stages of thought, accommodation remains on the surface of physical as well as social experience»

Jean Piaget


...in other words, we believe that all guests for as long they stay in your property, should fell that this is their home and to be relaxed, comfortable and happy. Our purpose is to help the hosts create these feelings of happiness and comfort to the guests.

We prepare your property in the best way possible

With our specialized team of professionals and technicians we are next to you every step of the process. Mechanics, architects, interior and exterior designers, technicians, as well as accountants and lawyers, all professionals that are part of our team are specialized and accomplished on their field and they know the market.

We manage your property

According to your personalized needs and wishes, Nomas offers you the possibility of reservations management with little or none of your involvement throughout the year. We undertake the property’s promotion to all platforms and the full management of reservations and requests 24/7.

Our Services

for the property

We make your place
an unforgettable experience
for the guest

for the host

We manage for you everything
from the listing of the property
to the accounting entry.

Καταχώρηση ακινήτου airbnb, booking ή άλλων δημοφιλών πλατφορμών για αύξηση των εσόδων σας

Added Value

We create your image,
equip your place
and support your plans 24/7

Εξοπλισμός airbnb ακινήτων και επαγγελματική διακόσμηση για έναν πιο ελκυστικό χώρο
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In Nomas we redesign the management of short term lease properties. Discover personified solutions creating your package.

Short term lease platforms

“Digital platforms” are thought to be the platforms that offer specialized tools for the digital lease of the property and do not just promote it.

Airbnb Management

Reservations management or/and optimization of the listing in the popular short term lease platform, Airbnb.

Creation or enhancement of descriptions and other texts that are included in the listing to achieve the biggest promotion possible.

Expedia Management

Listing and promotion of the apartment on the network of Expedia that mostly works with travel agencies in the USA and independent reservation networks.

Vrbo Management

We list the property in the ever more famous platform Vrbo (recently taken over by Expedia but it works as an independent network).

Management of pricing policy and optimization of the listing to achieve a highest ranking in search results of the tourists.

Booking Management

Optimum configuration of the listing of the property on Booking, one of the most powerful platforms world widely.

Full management of the property either on the company account or on the host’s account.

In Nomas we redesign the management of short term lease properties. Discover personified solutions creating your package.

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