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should someone else
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Before owners decide on how they will utilize their property, they need to get some basic information. The basic reasons for them to choose a property management company can be summed up in five pillars.

The first pillar is about the available time that they can put in managing their property. Specifically, short term lease takes a lot of time daily.

Practically it is like running a small, autonomous hotel business. The requested time has to do with welcoming the guests, cleaning the property, communicating with future guests, managing the reservations, watching the competition, and setting the pricing policy according to the period of the season and the competition itself.


All the above mentioned are difficult to be handled by someone, especially when it is not their main job, as the immediacy, the correspondence and the attention are very important for the guests.

Alongside, the second pillar concerns the locality. More specifically, if the owner lives elsewhere, then it is most certain that in order for the property to be utilized, the owner needs a partner, a property management company, that will be present and manage everything that relates with the property.

The third pillar has to do with the development of new technologies. Especially, the elder owners might not be that familiar with technology. However, tourism industry is becoming ever more technological, especially on the basis of running accommodation platforms and programs.

The fourth pillar is connected to the second. If the owner lives in another city they are perhaps not acquainted with partners who are required for a property. A property management company has its partners that guarantee the seamless function of the property, such as cleaning service and technicians in case of any damage.

The last pillar is connected to the third. The function of the short-term lease channels and the pricing policy needs specific knowledge that the owner may does not have. Consequently, they may charge with a higher price that will not be competitive or a lower price that will result in loss of income. A property management company will work to make sure that all these pillars function seamlessly.

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