our vision

We redesign the management of short term lease properties, focusing on the client, offering a unique and differentiated experience, in order to create a strong bond between the host and the guest.


In the modern world that constantly changes in a high speed, one thing remains stable. This is the sentimentality with which people buy either a product or a service. All people without exception, throughout the year and for all purchases they make, they buy based on the thought that they achieve sentimentally a goal.
This is strengthened from the fact that people get more satisfaction from the process of purchasing, because there happen all the sentimental thoughts regarding which goal is achieved during the buy, than the purchase itself. So, the experience that someone gets from the process of buying, has a greater impact on the memory that will be imprinted on the client.
For this reason, NOMAS considers as an overriding and standard concern the creation of strong bonds between the hosts and the guests. The better the experience of the client is on this chain, from searching the property, getting the information, the photos, the experience of stay and the communication after the reservation, the more NOMAS takes care of creating and strengthening the bond between these two sentimental parts.
Alongside, the only way to achieve this goal is to focus on the client for all activities. Ever more, everyone seeks individually personalized and unique experiences, so as they feel bigger sentimental satisfaction during their trip. Everyone without exceptions when they travel they want to build experiences.
Every piece of the trip is a special memory and in the end all these memories become a story. In NOMAS hospitality is a very big and important piece of this story and for this reason we believe that “Hospitality is simple acts of kindness that build great memories.”

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Hospitality is simple acts of kindness that build great memories.

The goal is to offer complete service experience during the trip. This takes time, commitment, communication and help at any moment.