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to make my property
more appealing?

The basics that make a property more appealing are:

Utilization plan:

For us in Nomas, the most important factor for a property to get reservations is to create together a clear utilization plan of your property for at least 3 years. Either you choose to remain partners with us or not, we strongly believe that the way you envision your property can define the way we should manage your property.


Consequently, on our first appointment we will make you many questions and we will help you elaborate a specific strategy and a specific utilization plan. The world of vacation and tourism in general changes rapidly and for this reason if we set the stage from the beginning it will be much easier to adapt to the new developments. Besides, at the end of the year, we will deliver to you the results as well as the improvement proposals so as there is enough time for you to decide potential changes.

The location:

Most tourists/visitors prefer the properties that are either at a close distance from the places they want to visit or close to Metro or public transport. Specifically, regarding the island, it depends on the type of vacation the guest will choose. If for instance wants easy access to the beach, an accommodation close or near the beach has more chances for reservation comparing to one in the city center.

Appealing photos:

Photos are the ones that will make your property stand out from the others on Airbnb. For this reason, Nomas team takes care of photographing your property with professional photographers specialized on real estate.

The place that your property appears on short term lease platforms:

The properties that appear on the first page of short-term lease platforms get the majority of reservations. For this reason, our team watches and improves your listing on daily, to increase the appeal and consequently the reservations.

Smart pricing:

The standard pricing throughout the year is always an option. However, in Nomas we adapt the pricing according to the season of the year and the competition to maximize the reservations and the profit.

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A proper Nomas, like ours, confides the secrets of their place to others. They show the way, offer help and support to those who need it.

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