Since the available apartments in short term lease platforms are increasing in a rapid speed so does the competition. This means that in order for your listing to be successful you need to differ yourselves. One of the most important things that stays in guests’ mind is the first impression of your apartment and you personally as guests. Below we will explain some suggestions that answer on the question of how to differ with the check-in in your Airbnb apartment.


Try to be as flexible as possible with the check in hours. It is important for a guest to be able to check in in your apartment throughout the day, as his flight may be arriving in the afternoon or even late at night.

Tour guide

During the check in do not explain just the simple and obvious in the apartment. Emphasize on the small details of the house that can make the difference. Show your guests how the appliances function and where they can find useful objects so as to make their lives easier when you will leave the apartment.


Apart from the apartment the neighborhood they will be living is also important to the guests. If the area or the apartment has an interesting story to tell do not skip it. Provide information on the nearest bus stops, the supermarkets and the museums. Suggest them restaurants and cafeterias in the neighborhood that they may like. They will appreciate that you are interested in the time they are spending in the apartment and the neighborhood.


What will make a difference in your Airbnb check-in is offering a personalized welcome treat. Ask your guests before their arrival what they prefer for breakfast, if they prefer coffee or tea and offer these on their arrival, for the same date or the first day of their stay.

Automated messages

The Airbnb platform offers the hosts a very useful tool, the automated messages. Write and upload such messages that will give your guests all necessary information of your apartment.

Virtual Check-in

The revolutionary way to make a check in that will make you differ from others is the virtual check in without your physical presence. This way you save time and you give the guests the chance to check in anytime they wish, even during the night. Invest on a key box locker that you can install on the wall next to the door. The guests will input the key box code and take they key for the door. Alternatively you can install a keyboard lock. In this case the guests input the code and open the door of the apartment.

The first impression of the guest will decide how satisfied they will be from your hospitality, since the time of the check in is probably the most time you will spend with the guests during their vacation. Be happy and willing to answer to the questions of the guests, make them feel like home and you will make the difference.