The process of listing a property on the short term lease platforms is not particularly difficult. It does not mean that it does not bear traps that you should keep in mind if you wish your listing to have more reservations and consequently more profit. Below we will explain the most common mistakes on Airbnb listings and how to avoid them.



Studies have shown that the most important role in choosing an accommodation play by far the photos. Many hosts think that the photos that are taken by the phone are capable to convince the guests to make a reservation on their property. Since the competition is high, every detail counts. The images of the property must be of high definition, with good lightning and from the right angle. It is important to invest an amount hiring a professional photographer that will consult you and take photos that will highlight at the maximum the capabilities of your apartment.

High Expectations

One of the most common mistakes on Airbnb listings that you should avoid is creating high expectations on the guests. It is certainly very tempting to try selling your apartment exceeding on the service you offer or no how close is to the city center or places of interest. You may succeed on getting reservations on the beginning, but it may be disastrous over time. You should always be honest with your descriptions and with what will exactly the guest meet when they visit your apartment.

Pricing policy

In order your apartment to get more reservations you should manage your pricing policy. Under no circumstances is it enough to set a standard rate for the whole year and expect your property to succeed in profit. The price of your apartment should be adjusted according to the demand, the season and the even the events organized in your city. Study the prices of the competition and set offers and discounts to have the biggest profit possible.


How clean or not is your apartment is of the most important factors that will decide the success of your investment. The standards that are set in short term lease industry are really high. The incomplete cleaning is one of the most common mistakes on Airbnb listings. Clean thoroughly every surface of the apartment and pay attention on the details.


No property has the dynamic to get reservations if the host does not put their effort to it. As satisfying it may be the profit you get from your property, the market changes rapidly and the prices of the competition too. If you are high on the ranking of the platforms keep up the good work and do not rest.


Owning an Airbnb apartment is a demanding process as for your listing to be successful you need to respond immediately on the requests of the guests. Late responses result in not showing up on the search list in the platforms. We suggest that you install the application on your phone so that you can respond fast or set someone as co-host so that they respond on your behalf when you are not available.